Expanding horizons
with GroVentures

GroVentures specializes in facilitating the expansion of startups, SMEs, and corporates into new territories, with a keen focus on the APAC region through Singapore. From incorporation to marketing and PR to daily operations to lead generation and customer acquisition and retention

How does GroVentures work?

At GroVentures, we follow a strategic and comprehensive approach to expansion:

Big launch:

We kick off with a grand launch in iconic locations to establish a strong local presence.

Stakeholder identification:

We identify and set up relationships with key stakeholders and customers.


Helping you navigate the legalities and logistics of incorporating your business in new territories.

Daily operations:

Assisting you with resources or solutions required to keep your venture’s everyday operations running smoothly.

Team building:

Assisting in hiring and assembling a dynamic team to drive your expansion efforts.

Lead generation:

Generating leads and nurturing them through the sales pipeline.

Customer acquisition & retention:

Ensuring that the leads translate into paying clients.

Proof of concept:

Executing proof of concept and proof of value projects to showcase your offering to potential customers.

Deal closing:

Closing deals and securing partnerships to fuel your growth.

Fund raising:

Strategic fundraising through collaboration with government institutes, private firms.

What does GroVentures offer?

At GroVentures, we follow a strategic and comprehensive approach to expansion:
  • Trusted brand building:
  • Funding:
  • Customer acquisition:
  • Marketing and branding:

The GroVentures benefits?

Hands-on support

We provide hands-on guidance at every step of the expansion process.

Dynamic team

We help you build a dynamic initial team to drive your expansion efforts forward.

Market exploration

Actively seeking out new market opportunities to ensure sustained growth and expansion.

Global reach

Finding inroads into markets beyond APAC, including the European Union, ANZ, and Canada.

Aggressive branding

Leveraging both organic and aggressive mainstream and social media branding and PR strategies.

Ecosystem mapping

Thoroughly mapping the ecosystem to identify opportunities and potential pitfalls.


Assistance in applying for and obtaining government grants, subsidies, and external funding to support your expansion endeavours.

End-to-end solutions

From fundraising to branding & marketing, GroVentures will assist with solutions at every step of the venture building. 


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