Driving Corporate Innovation with CorpVentures.

At CorpVentures, we spearhead corporate innovation through our cutting-edge venture lab, blending in-house expertise with open innovations. We empower employees to unleash their intrapreneurial potential. We bring together startups, SMEs and corporates through open innovation

How does CorpVentures work?

  • Understanding unmet needs:

    Strategic brand development through mainstream and social media channels, as well as high net-worth events.

  • Strategic matching:

    Matching internal needs with startups and open innovations to address key challenges.

  • Proof of concept:

    Executing proof of concept projects to validate innovative solutions.

  • Proof of value:

    Implementing proof of value projects to demonstrate the tangible benefits of innovative solutions.

The CorpVentures benefits?

Comprehensive solutions:

We offer a one-stop solution for all your corporate innovation needs, providing end-to-end support from ideation to implementation.

Industry readiness:

Access discounted Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI) assessment and consultancy to understand your industry 4.0 readiness, enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Open innovation:

Connecting deep tech startups to solve corporate unmet needs.

IP portfolio development:

Generate an in-house intellectual property portfolio, facilitating spinouts with equity return on investments and fostering a culture of innovation-driven growth.

Sustainability branding:

CorpVentures helps organizations establish sustainability branding initiatives, showcasing their commitment to environmental responsibility and corporate social responsibility.

Access to premium accelerator:

Gain exclusive access to our premium Inclusive Industry 5.0 accelerator - River venture Studio providing unparalleled resources and support for driving innovation and growth.

Domain-specific partner programs:

Access a network of domain-specific partner programs, facilitating collaboration and knowledge exchange with industry leaders and experts in your field.

Intrapreneur workshops:

Participate in workshops designed to cultivate intrapreneurial talent within your organization, fostering a culture of innovation and creativity among employees.

Who can join CorpVentures ?

Corporate Entities:

Corporations seeking to foster innovation and drive growth within their organizations.

Industry Leaders:

Expert who can offer strategic solutions for corporate unmet needs.


Innovative startups looking to collaborate with corporations to scale their solutions and access new markets.

Join CorpVentures today and unlock the full potential of corporate 
innovation within your organization.

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