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Welcome to The Edify Project, where we live by the motto “entrepreneurship is an attitude”. Explore the abundant opportunities on our one-stop portal for all your venture building, scaling, global expansion and digital transformation needs. We are more than an incubator, an accelerator, a market access company, a branding and marketing company, and a digital transformation company. We are all of this and more!

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The Edify Project (Edify) is a comprehensive solution provider for all venture building, scaling, expansion and digital transformation needs, with branding and mentorship at the heart of it. Our services cater to a diverse global clientele, including individuals, startups, SMEs, corporates, academia, and research institutes.

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With strategic and organic branding and mentorship at the heart of it, we offer:


Venture building tailored for academic and research institutes, inspired by Stanford’s lean launchpad methodology. We provide training for faculty, researchers, and students to transition into entrepreneurs. We also run and set up incubation centres.


Bringing startups, SMEs and corporates together to solve each other’s problems and work together through open innovation. Combining in-house and open innovations to train employees to become intrapreneurs. Building partnerships with industries, academia, research institutes, investors, and the government to create a space where ideas thrive, and ventures take off. We help set up and run innovation arms for corporates.


Enabling expansion of startups, SMEs, and corporates into new territories, particularly focusing on the APAC region through Singapore. Our approach involves strategically building brands, acquiring and retaining customers, fostering the right partnerships, and strategic fund raising from private and government agencies.  We also take care of the daily operations. We build your global brand.


Providing competitive and cost-effective industry 4.0/5.0 solutions and services partnering with MNCs, SMEs and startups across the globe through our in-house certified Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI) assessors. Our experts offer SIRI assessment, suggest and implement better Return on Investment solutions.

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Our Founder

Dr. Viveka Kalidasan founded The Edify Project, with a vision to make entrepreneurship an attitude and accessible. She has built from scratch, Singapore’s first industry 4.0 focused startup accelerator and ecosystem. She is the Founder and CEO of world’s first and only inclusive, industry5.0 acceleartor cum startup studio- River Venture Studio.

She has been recognised as MIT 35 Innovators Under 35, Singapore Top 100 Women in Technology and NUS Outstanding Young Alumni and brings to the ventures, her high profile network and credibility. She grooms the ventures personally and cares for them individually.

Dr. Viveka Kalidasan, PhD

Founder-CEO, The Edify Project

Founder-CEO, River Venture Studio.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Discover answers to commonly asked questions about Edify’s services, approach, and mission.

A: No, our programs cover a wide range of fields including science, technology, arts, literature, and entrepreneurship. We believe in inclusivity and diversity.

A: We are mindful of diversity and inclusion in every aspect of venture building. From our mentorship programs to our strategic partnerships, we prioritize creating an inclusive ecosystem where individuals from diverse backgrounds feel empowered to thrive.

A: Our services cater to global individuals,  startups, SMEs, and corporates, helping in their venture building, scaling, global expansion and digital transformation needs

A: Follow us on our social media channels for the latest updates, events, and success stories. You can also subscribe to our newsletter for regular insights and announcements. The Edify Project

A: Our Founder Dr Viveka, carefully curates and empowers every portfolio company and takes care of their needs individually  

A: EdVentures by The Edify Project empowers academicians and research partners to transform research into real-world ventures. We instil an entrepreneurial mindset, helping researchers ideate, productize, and spin-off ventures that address real-world problems from the get-go.  Our programs provide global market access, support in managing intellectual property, and even grant institutions a stake in the resulting companies. Additionally, Edify offers access to a network of investors, industry partners, founders, and even a premium accelerator program (River Venture Studio) to fuel growth. We provide branding support to ensure your ventures launch with a strong identity. With this comprehensive approach, Edify empowers academics and research partners to become true innovation powerhouses.
For more information, visit: EdVenture.

A: The Edify Project’s CorpVentures goes beyond problem-solving. We identify the corporation’s unmet needs, find solutions through open innovation, and validate them before implementation. This is just the beginning; we offer a one-stop shop for innovation, helping you assess industry 4.0 and 5.0 readiness, cultivate internal talent, monetize intellectual property, build a sustainable brand, and access growth accelerators and industry expertise – all to propel your business forward.By combining innovative solutions with a comprehensive support system, the CorpVentures program equips corporations to thrive in today’s ever-evolving landscape.
For more information, visit: CropVenture.

A: The GroVentures wing of The Edify Project provides a comprehensive toolkit to scale your business. We offer hands-on support, help build a strong team, identify new markets, and achieve global reach. GroVentures also assists with aggressive branding, fundraising, and navigating market ecosystems, ensuring you have the resources and strategies needed for sustained growth.
To know more, visit: GroVentures.

A: The Edify Project’s DigiVentures program is designed to propel your digital transformation journey. We connect you with industry experts and potential partners, assess your Industry 4.0 and/or 5.0 readiness, and validate your digital strategies before full implementation. This reduces risk while providing valuable insights to accelerate your growth and expand your digital reach.
To know more, visit: DigiVentures.

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